It’s been a long time since the Material Girl was like a virgin. In fact, 30 years after she made her debut, Madonna—through more costume changes than a one-man stage production of Ben Hur—has captured the world’s heads, hearts, and hormones with startling consistency. She’s like a flip-book of fashion, gyration, and melody bonded by a Zeitgeist-defining compunction for incessant, provocative reinvention. It’s as impossible to imagine pop culture without Madonna as it is to guess what a light bulb would do without Benjamin Franklin. From shredded wedding dresses to cone-shaped bras, fascist military fatigues to, uh, absolutely nothing, being faithful to Madonna—who has sold some 300-million albums worldwide—is getting to love a million women at the same time, and that’s something we cherish.

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When the news broke this week that Madonna had chosen Cirque du Soleil and another Montreal company, Moment Factory, to help her create a stunning Super Bowl halftime act, it grabbed headlines around the world.

That was the good news – along with the fact that “Cirque week” was being celebrated in Las Vegas, to coincide with the opening of Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour at the Mandalay Bay resort.

But with a sunshine circus that currently has 23 shows running around the world, there’s always a stray cloud or two on the horizon.

Like the fact that Cirque’s Viva Elvis has just been politely evicted from the Aria resort in Las Vegas (with a stay of execution until the end of 2012), due to underwhelming ticket sales. Also, Zed, which rode out an earthquake and tsumani in Japan, will be closing this New Year’s Eve at Tokyo Disney resort. (Two Zed acts will be blended into Mystère in Vegas, and another injected into the ailing Viva Elvis.)

Then there was that nasty review of Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour in the L.A. Times.

All the more reason to focus on the Madonna-at-Super-Bowl project.

Jacques Méthé is the executive producer and general manager of special events and images at Cirque du Soleil, a lesser known department that Madonna has just elevated into the spotlight.

When I spoke to Méthé on Monday, I learned that the Cirque already had a relationship with the NFL. “We delivered a pre-game Super Bowl number for them in Miami several years ago,” he said.

Previous Cirque sports event gigs include a basketball event, in Turkey, he added. “We do anywhere between 30 and 60 events every year, the size of which differ greatly,”

But none so stellar, yet top secret, as the Madonna operation.

Madonna’s team initiated the deal, he explained, although the fact that Jamie King, who just directed the Cirque’s Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour, is also involved makes it seem like it’s all in the family.

“Our role in this is to contribute ideas and components to the scenario,” Méthé said. “It is our imagination that is solicited here.”

One thing is clear, “It’s all about Madonna,” he said. “We leave it to her to decide if and when she wants to reveal anything. This is a Madonna event that we’re contributing to. It’s not about Cirque, it’s about Madonna. The part we’re playing there is really in the creative content and the follow-up, until delivery.”

As for Moment Factory, it was the Cirque who brought them on board, to handle the projections and multimedia side of the number.

The Cirque team has been working with Madonna for about three weeks now, Méthé said. And yes, she has been very hands-on.

“She knows what she wants,” he said. “That’s how big stars are.”

The 2012 Super Bowl will be aired on NBC on Feb. 5.

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Madonna locks lips with Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj took to Twitter on Wednesday to let her fans know she was on set with the one and only Madonna.
Minaj and Madonna were busy shooting the video for ‘Give Me All Your Love,’ the first single off Madge’s forthcoming album. The fierce MC wasn’t holding back on the social networking site, giving all her Barbz and Kenz the up-to-the-minute details of the shoot.
Minaj gushed about the shoot, even relaying one major detail that she hopes will make the final cut. She tweeted, ‘OH MY f’ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!’ That news immediately sent her fans on a Twitter spree, peppering the rapper with questions about the smooch.
M.I.A. also will appear on the track. The rapper confirmed she recorded with the Queen of Pop late last month in New York, after speculation about a collabo between the three women hit a fevered pitch in November. M.I.A. also tweetedabout chilling with Madonna on set. ‘Madonna killed it! A legend! said she’d have me, i said ill have her too, we had a 3sum M.N.M. MEGAFORCE @TheMegaforce thanku,’ she wrote to the video director team.



Arianne Phillips talk about Nicku Minaj and M.I.A on her twitter profile.

“I love M.I.A and Nicki Minaj. Them ladies are AH- MAY- ZING-K! pure talent & pure beauty!”
“@NICKIMINAJ HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful girl! You are AH-MAY-ZINK! Loved working with you! You killed it!”


A new exclusive interview to Monte Pittman is available in DrownedMadonna

here a preview:
DM: When did you meet Madonna for the first time?
MP: When I was at her house to teach a lesson

DM: “Easy Ride” is one of our favourite songs ever. Can you tell us something about the writing and recording process?
MP: Cool. I’m glad you like it. It came about by being a chord progression you can play the Harmonic Minor scale over.

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Yes, yes, the production company behind the Madonna shows has let slip her tour schedule for next year, and on that mighty long list is a date with Tel Aviv. To be more precise, the date is 10th June and the gig is scheduled for the only place in Israel that can really accommodate her, HaYarkon Park.

The rumors had suggested her tour would even start in Israel, but that honor apparently goes to New Zealand. And this tour there will be only the one show, in contrast to the two sellout gigs she performed back in 2009 (we were there, she was quite simply ENTERTAINMENT!).

Nothing has been set in stone, and there are no details of tickets, but it does look like next summer is already set to be a cracker! We’ll keep you updated with any news of tickets, because they’ll sell out fast!

Just to give you a little taste of what she did the last time she was in Tel Aviv…and of course, let’s not forget, it was Madonna who said “Israel is the center of the world!”

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Super Bowl & Madonna

Moment Factory’s team of multimedia artists are collaborating with Madonna to create a spectacular multimedia environment for the Bridgestone 46th Super Bowl Halftime Show, an NFL Network Production set to air on NBC February 5th, 2012.

The creative team for the show, comprising Madonna, Jamie King, Cirque du Soleil and Moment Factory, will create a signature performance for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the most-watched musical event of the year. For the first time of its history, the Super Bowl will take place in Indianapolis, more precisely at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“We are extremely excited to be working with someone as creative, talented and visionary as Madonna,” said Sakchin Besette, Partner and Creative Director, Moment Factory. “Our team is comprised of artists whose expertise ranges from software development to motion design and all of us are absolutely delighted to be working with an artist whose creativity continues to astound us. Moment Factory always looks to engage audiences with something they have never seen before, and we are certain that this show will thrill spectators.”



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