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In honor of the release of w.e. has compiled a list of the best moments of Madonna on the big screen.

Madonna’s much-maligned W.E. opens in limited release in New York and L.A. this week, and I thought we’d wipe the taste of Venetian backlash and hydrangea topnotes out of our mouths and remember five occasions when Lourdes’s mother kicked ass in films. Because she did, people. Let’s strap on our bangles, writhe in our fishnets, and point our cone bras back at Madonna’s sunnier moments at the cineplex.

5. Breathless Mahoney’s coquettish insecurities in Dick Tracy
While Madonna is too voracious and self-conscious a superstar to be a Betty Boop-type coquette, she makes a lot of her cutesy dialogue believable in Dick Tracy, the ‘90 comic-book caper that holds up surprisingly well. If her nightclub rendition of the Oscar-winning tune “Sooner or Later” doesn’t stop you in your tracks, you’ll emit a gentle guffaw here when she coos, “I know how you feel. You don’t know if you want to hit me or kiss me. I get that a lot.” Do I detect a strand of Grace Kelly’s accent in that voice?

4. Susan’s woozy wiles in Desperately Seeking Susan
If superstardom is about timing as much as talent, then Madonna cashed in at just the right moment with her debut performance in Desperately Seeking Susan. As the titular dance-hall urchin who ends up trading places with a bored housewife (Rosanna Arquette), Madonna landed the chance to play and promote herself: a cheeky, brash, intermittently straightforward man-killer with undeniable charisma. Watch  here as she befuddles Mark Blum, who’s not even clever enough to realize the music playing is Madonna’s own “Into the Groove.”

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 2.50.01 AM.png

3. The grit of Dangerous Game
Madonna once said of her starring role in Dangerous Game, the ‘93 Abel Ferrara film that was released (barely) on her own Maverick imprint, “Even though it’s a shit movie and I hate it, I am good in it.” I have to agree: She’s both chillier and more vulnerable here than in any of her earlier films, and it’s impossible to look away from her as she spars with Harvey Keitel. Ironically, she’s pretty damn effective when playing an actress.

2. The tender side of A League of Their Own’s “All the Way” Mae

The denial ends here: You can have your Evitas and Dick Tracys, but the single best Madonna movie (with a narrative) is A League of Their Own. As “All the Way” Mae Mordabito, Madonna is a naughty, yet emotional powerhouse on the Rockford Peaches, a WWII-era women’s baseball team. Here, she helps a teammate learn to read with the aid of some steamy literature. While working entirely in the company of women, Madonna seems perfectly at ease as an actress — she even outshines her Oscar-winning teammate Geena Davis.

1. The candor of Truth or Dare
There’s no replacing or topping Truth or Dare, the documentary that chronicles Madonna during her very best tour and at her most staggering popularity. The black-and-white cinematography somehow feels unpretentious here, perhaps because it’s offset by such fulgent, Technicolor concert sequences. The single best moment, in my estimation, is the actual “Truth or Dare” game where backup singer Donna DeLory asks Madonna to name the love of her life. Like a material girl who lives to tell, Madonna follows suit, and it’s a heartbreaking and unforgettable reveal.


Liz Smith: New York Swoons for Madonna and ‘W.E.’

And more from our Liz: the star presents her film at the Museum of Modern Art
‘I’ve shown this movie at festivals in France, Canada and England. And each time I’ve taken something different away from the movie, and recognized the different ways audiences react.’
‘Now, I am so thrilled to be here with the movie at the Museum of Modern Art. As a child, museums were my escape and they formed the idea that I would grow up and become an artist – of some kind.’
‘However, unlike my experiences in Venice, London or Toronto, nobody here has yet offered me a glass of champagne. So I’m going to see this movie sober. I hope I still like it!’
That was part of Madonna’s charming speech as she introduced her film, ‘W.E.’ and one of her stars Andrea Riseborough (who plays Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor) to a fashionable crowd Sunday. (It was a ‘hot event night’ in NYC. Over at the Ziegfeld Theater, Steven Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’ was having its premiere.)
This was supposed to be a ‘small’ screening, but what with Madonna could ever be small? Hosted by The Cinema Society and Piaget, it ended up with a lot of media, and mobs, outside MOMA, behind barricades, screaming for the icon. She was late, of course, which only increased the tension and hysteria when she finally slid glamorously out of her car. (After an aide adjusted her skin-tight pants and glittering top. She looked delicate and petite even in her towering heels.)
Madonna gave the red-carpet reporters and photographers inside as much as she could – if they had their way, she’d still be posing.
Among the throng – Kim Cattrall, Anderson Cooper, Donna Karan, Jeffrey Donovan, Jeremy Piven, Sandy Gallin, Nina Garcia, Hamish Bowles, Julian Schnabel, Barry Diller, Jacob Bernstein, Patti Smith. And but of course, Harvey Weinstein who is distributing ‘W.E.’ He greeted Madonna affectionately as she strode in, surrounded by her security, her press rep, her personal assistants and others who try to smooth out the bumps for one of the world’s most famous women.
Harvey introduced Madonna, praising her as a ‘renaissance woman’ with whom he has worked happily since 1990 – they first collaborated on her documentary ‘Truth or Dare.’ He also remarked that if ‘W.E.’ had been ‘made by, you know…Joe Smith, well…’ He was attempting to comment on the bad rap Madonna often receives for anything she does in film, whether acting or in this case, directing. When Madonna got to the podium she joked, ‘By the way, Harvey, I don’t want to be Joe Smith’ (I’m sure she would have preferred Scorsese or Polanski as a comparative reference point.)
Madonna also commented ruefully that now the movie is set in stone, ‘I can’t change anything!’ Nothing is ever perfect, nothing is ever easy for Madonna, and she has worked tirelessly on the editing of ‘W.E.’ melding her two onscreen tales – one, the real-life legendary sensation of a king abdicating his throne for ‘the woman I love’ – Edward VIII for divorcee Wallis Simpson. There is also the story of a contemporary young woman named Wally, suffering through an abusive marriage, who is obsessed with the story of Wallis and the man who became, briefly, King Edward VIII.
Both of these are compelling concepts. Either would have made a splendid film. It has been Madonna’s job to weave Wallis and Wally. ‘Every little girl loves a fairy tale, a happy ending,’ Wally declares, explaining her fascination with the Duke and Duchess. Having co-written the script with Alex Keshishian, those are Madonna’s words for sure. At heart, Madonna is a romantic and she does believe in happy endings, though she has yet to find one. (She has not stopped looking, however. Madonna genuinely respects romance.)
The crowd appeared fascinated by ‘W.E.’ which is a long movie, but there was no sense of restlessness – they loved the clothes (exquisite designs by Arianne Phillips)…they loved the eclectic score, which includes a new song by Madonna, sung over the closing credits…they loved the romance and the tragedy, too. (The Duchess was an unhappy woman, who felt she had ruined the King and trapped herself forever, ‘playing out the world’s greatest romance – and now I can never leave him.’)
Abbie Cornish as Wally, James D’Arcy as Edward VIII, Richard Coyle as Wally’s husband, Oscar Isaac as Wally’s charming savior, David Harbour as Ernest Simpson, James Fox as Bertie – who would step in as king after Edward abdicates – and Natalie Dormer, the future Queen Mother, are all splendid. Madonna certainly knows how to get the best out of actors. (Miss Dormer is especially delicious in her brief but telling scenes.)
And Miss Riseborough is simply brilliant as Wallis; brittle, poignant, imprisoned.
There was a party after, at a place called Crown. Madonna attended, and so too, it appeared, had everybody in the MOMA audience. It was one of those events where you had to just get over the embarrassment of being jammed up intimately against total strangers. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few pregnancies resulted from the ‘W.E.’ party. Yeah – it was that close. Madonna was at a corner table, ringed by bodyguards. People kept reaching in frantically, attempting to touch her or get her attention. It was kind of like a well-dressed zombie movie. But she was cool with the crush. This is her life.
Madonna’s ‘W.E’ opens in L.A. on Dec 9th for a week. (For Academy consideration.) It goes wide on Feb 3rd. Of course she is still a great pop star and concert attraction. She is scheduled to perform at halftime at the upcoming Super Bowl. Her new album will soon be upon us. But if Madonna wanted to devote herself only to filmmaking, she could. She is a fine director, and she made a beautiful, complex and moving work of art. And one that, despite its vintage subject matter, reflects this most modern woman in every frame.

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NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — MADONNA, a multi Grammy Award-winning Universal Records recording artist, will perform in the BRIDGESTONE SUPER BOWL XLVI HALFTIME SHOW on NBC at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Sunday, February 5, the NFL and NBC announced during tonight’s Sunday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions. Madonna’s performance will be imagined by CIRQUE DU SOLEIL and JAMIE KING.
The Bridgestone Super Bowl halftime show is the most-watched musical event of the year. More than 162 million viewers in the U.S. watched last year’s show. The Super Bowl and halftime show will be broadcast worldwide.
Madonna joins an esteemed list of recent halftime acts that includes The Black Eyed Peas, The Who, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Prince, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and U2.
A world class entertainer, singer, songwriter, producer, director and video visionary, Madonna has sold more than 300 million records in the course of her three decade career as The Material Girl. She is a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Her last tour was the most successful tour by a solo artist in history. Madonna is currently in the recording studio working on a new album scheduled to be released next year. Her new film W.E. which she directed, wrote and produced is opening in a limited one week release December 9 in Los Angeles and will open nationally on February 3, two days prior to Super Bowl XLVI.
Madonna has partnered with a creative team from Cirque du Soleil, Jamie King, and multimedia artists from Moment Factory, to create a signature performance for the BRIDGESTONE SUPER BOWL XLVI HALFTIME SHOW.
This year marks the fifth time Bridgestone Americas has sponsored the Super Bowl halftime show. The tire company’s new brand campaign, fittingly titled “Time to Perform,” will debut during the game.

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Superbowl Indianapolis



Patti Smith gave Madonna’s film W.E. (Wallis and Edward) a standing ovation at the Cinema Society and Piaget’s screening for 450 guests at the Museum of Modern Art last night. Director/cowriter Madonna was gracious in her opening remarks: “Harvey Weinstein and I have been working together since Truth or Dare. I think it says we are going toward embracing the idea of unconditional love.” The fashion world—represented by Francisco Costa, Olivier Theyskens, Rachel Roy, Valentino Garavani, and Giancarlo Giammetti (who were seated in the row in front of Madonna)—came out to see what I felt was a beautiful achievement of two love stories intertwined. Weinstein, whose studio is releasing the film on February 5 (the week of the Super Bowl, where Madonna is scheduled to perform at halftime) was equally generous in his praise of what he called “a Renaissance woman.”

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W.E Vogue


On Sunday night, The Cinema Society and Piaget had the pleasure of welcoming Madonna, for the New York screening of her new film “W.E.” The film is, to quote producer, Harvey Weinstein, the “renaissance woman’s” directorial debut, and follows dual love stories: a contemporary affair and the storied romance of Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward.

Though Madonna’s appearance was kept tightly under wraps, The Observer‘s arrival, at the Museum of Modern Art, was met with dozens of photographers and fans alike, all holding snappers at the ready. Apparently we weren’t the only ones in the know.

The press went duly mad for the Queen of Pop’s arrival, a fact emphasized by Parker Posey whose time on the red carpet was cut short by the appearance of the director herself. Ms. Posey bounced down the line of reporters, shouting “Madonna is here! Madonna is here!”

As she posed for photos, we spoke with British actress Andrea Riseborough, who plays Ms. Simpson in the film. Ms. Riseborough adhered to the processes involved in physically assuming the unique figure of the Duchess of Windsor. ”I trained very hard. I’m half the size of myself now,” she said.

THAT WOMAN: The Life Of Wallis Simpson, Duchess Of Windsor by Anne Sebba, questions the sexuality of Ms. Simpson. So did Ms. Riseborough feel the protruding pressure of androgyny in her role? “No. She wasn’t an hermaphrodite. She was just the perfect person to project that on to.”

When we asked Madonna the same question, however, she found it difficult to answer.

“I dont know. I dont think so. No. No, I think that’s an assumption that one shouldn’t make.” She offered, while being eased away by her publicist. Resisting, Madge returned to make it clear exactly what she thought.

“There is no empirical evidence stating such,” she said matter-of-factly.

While the question over Wallis Simpson remains up in the air, we do have empirical evidence, in the form of photographs, of the high-styled Donna Karen, Anderson Cooper and Kim Cattrall. All of whom graced Madonna with their presence last night.

In the pre-screening introduction she alluded to her disappointment at not being offered a glass of champagne. “So I’m not drunk.” Pausing as the lights dimmed. “I hope I enjoy the film. So did we.



Official Madonna’s W.E score tracklist is available to listen

01 Six Hours
02 Duchess Of Windsor
03 Umbrellas
04 Drive to Belvedere
05 Revolving Door
06 Impotency
07 Security Office 1
08 Charm/Cartier Montage
09 Diner
10 I Will Follow You – Part 1
11 I Will Follow You – Part 2
12 Security Office/Kilt
13 Evgeni Date 4M01
14 Evgeni Date 4M04
15 Auction 1
16 Auction 2
17 Fight
18 Abdication
19 Evgeni Runs
20 Apartment
21 Brooklyn Faces
22 Typewriter
23 Satin Birds – pt 1
24 Satin Birds – pt 2
25 Letters
25 Paris Walk
26 Park

Here for the preview
W.E Tracklist