​ ​Madonna In “Body Of Evidence” And “Dangerous Game” – New Book

cover-page-001_8Body Of Evidence was seen as a Basic Instinct erotic thriller rip off, but many missed the irony and black hunour of the whole piece. Dangerous Game was a rough and raw exercise in the film with a film format, directed by the brilliant Abel Ferrara.

In the former, Madonna put her all into the role of a femme fatale being trialled for murder.

In the latter, Madonna played an actress gaining credibility by appearing in a movie for acclaimed cult director Eddie Israel, played by Harvey Keitel.

She gave what is arguably her finest performance to date.

Years later, Body of Evidence is still widely mocked, while Dangerous Game is largely forgotten.

This book is an appreciation of these two films, which are explored in depth throughout. The links, similarities and contrasts between them are also highlighted, and there is an insightful interview with Ken Kelsch, the cinematographer of Dangerous Game.
100 pages.


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