Cyndi Lauper.jpgShe’s the iconic pop star who rose to stardom in the 1980s, with her mega-hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
And as Cyndi Lauper, 63, continues to build her remarkable legacy, the singer-actress recently credited the likes of Madonna, 58, for inspiring her early singing career.

[Prince’s] music has always been a part of my musical landscape, as was Madonna.
She added: ‘I got to say, I fool around and say she was my evil cousin but when she did Like A prayer, my Catholic schoolgirl heart was… I loved her! She was a hero, right? She got everyone upset. That was so good. Right?

The high praise comes more than one year after Cyndi revealed that she has previously been mistaken for legendary artist Madonna.
Despite having a much less provocative image than Madonna, fans would often confuse the pair and Cyndi admitted that there were times that she didn’t bother correcting them.
It happens to me once in a while. I just sign [autographs as] Madonna. I don’t care and as long as I don’t talk I get away with it,‘ she previously revealed on The Graham Norton Show.

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