Fallon (4)

1) Singing “Borderline” was not the obvious choice. Madonna surprises once again;

2) The reworked live version has an amazing jazzy entrance;

3) Madonna adopts the classic bombshell look, a la “Bad Girl” style;

4) Her voice. Once again symbolically, Madonna reminds us that we can be the best if we want to: She does not have the most amazing voice but she knows how to sing;

5) Madonna is happy;

6) Madonna is confident. “Bitches” I am here…;

7) Emotion: We have witnessed a living legend singing a classic song. This is history:

8) Her signature dance moves give us THE CHILLS;

9) The choir transmits joy. A resemblance to “Like A Prayer”;

10) The musicians are amazing;

11) The crucifixes;

12) Madonna shoes that sobriety is beautiful. Black and white fits her really well. Again, symbolically, “It doesn’t matter if you are Black Or White…”;

13) Madonna insists on starting a Revolution Of Love. Pity that she is Blonde has ass and tits;

14) This Madonna fits on a classic fifties noir movie;

15) Madonna transmits pure emotion;

16) Pay attention when she phrases the “My Mind…” words. Amazing;

17) Madonna delivers a relaxing end to the song;

18) Madonna delivers humour at the end of the entire performance;

19) Madonna throws herself to the floor while saying “Thank You”. She is classic yet Erotic and sensual. Once again, Madonna teaches how to be simple and complex;

20) Madonna rolls on the floor and deals well with having Jimmy Fallon doing the same. She reminds her that laughing about ourselves is maybe one of the most important things in life. “Hey Bitches, please, do not take yourself so seriously! Because no one else does!

21) The ICON remains while she says “Push me, push me over the “Borderline”. Remember always to be a better version of yourselves;

22) Madonna made us cry, feel and smile. Thank you, LADY. We sure LOVe you!

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