12716886_118210018569805_826753360_n.jpgOne of the most spectacular concerts in recent memory unfolded last night, Feb. 24, at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena, by an artist who rightly deserves her Queen of Pop title, Madonna.

The show was well conceived, with elements of theater, film, dance, even the circus, melding beautifully with Madonna’s music which likewise combined various genres.

Opening with new songs (“Iconic,” “Bitch I’m Madonna,” “Holy Water”) from her latest album “Rebel Heart”–which this tour is promoting–Madonna then took the audience to an imaginative, visually arresting journey, her rich back catalogue sounding fresh with tweaked arrangements.

Age hardly mattered as she moved to the beat with energy and grace, accompanied by her multi-racial dancers.

The biggest revelation was Madonna playing guitar on a couple of ballads, including “Like A Prayer”–whose bit of spiritual touch obviously contrasted with much of her sexually charged tunes.

There were lots of sexual imagery and “f-ck yeahs” all evening, but these were all part of Madonna’s interpretation of life, love, and humanity.

Those who can catch the second show tonight, Feb. 25, would never see a concert the same way again.

Source : lifestyle.inquirer

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