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La Termica presents its new exhibition “Madonna, The Birth of the Myth”, a show curated by Mario Martin Pareja and Ono that includes a collection of 50 fantastic images taken by three photographers Deborah Feingold, Peter Cunningham and George DuBose in the early 80’s.

Peter Cunningham’s photographs belong to a lost roll of film, and they are now being exhibited for the first time in Spain and the second time worldwide.

In 1982, Peter Cunningham, a Canadian photographer with a studio in New York, received a call from his friend Liz Rosenberg who worked for Warner Records. He had to organize a shooting with one of her new client -a girl called Madonna. Liz told him that Madonna would be “the new Marilyn Monroe”. He laughed.

The day of the shooting Madonna appeared alone, and prepared the costumes and make-up by herself. The costumes included a studded belt that hung loose over the pants. Madonna joked and played in front of the camera, she adopted different roles when changing her costumes. The shooting took more than six hours, in the studio and in the Soho streets where she ran, jumped, unzipped her trousers in the stairs of a church or pretended to be crucified on a fence.

Madonna went back to the photographer studio a couple of days after to pick up the contact sheets and Cunningham never thought she would become such a big artist.

click here for the “Peter Cunningham” Gallery

It is obvious that Madonna had all the elements to be a music icon: a good talent, a serious attitude on the scene and she knew what she wanted for the future. All these facts seemed to be in the George DuBose’s shooting made months before.

click here for the “Deborah Feingold” Gallery

George DuBose was hired by Camille Barbone, from Empire Management in the Fall of 1981. He had to shoot a new band called The Breakfast Club at Uncle Sam’s Blues in Long Island. Barbone recommended he focus on the singer, Madonna.

DuBose met Madonna in another bar, The Danceteria, the same day at night. She was singing over the music of a radio-cassette and she was dancing with his brother and a black girl.

The Danceteria was the place where Madonna caught the attention of programmers from the North of the United States. A few months later her career was launched.

The show also includes the Deborah Feingold’s shooting for Star Hits magazine. This shoot only tooked 20 minutes. They shot it in Feingold’s apartment in the Village, which was turned into a studio. Madonna was made up already and had so much charisma.

MADONNA, The Birth of the Myth
From January 22nd to May 15th, 2016
La Térmica
Diputación de Málaga
Av. de los Guindos, 48
29004 Malaga
From Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am – 14 pm and 5 pm – 9 pm
Sundays and Holidays, 12 am – 7,30 pm
Tel. +34 952 069 100

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