Tony Villanueva (super_hero_tony) on “Take a Bow”

Tony Villanueva (super_hero_tony)

THIS is what happened the first time M performed “Take a Bow” live in her concert. The second the audience recognized the music the roar from the crowd was so loud you couldn’t even hear the song for a few seconds. I ran to the front of the stage so fast I think I broke the sound barrier. I love this song. Thanks M. ❤️

Tony Villanueva (super_hero_tony)

…more about “Take a Bow”. If ever there was Magic it happened last night. The roof in this venue is unusually high, and when those first bell chimes hit it filled that roof up so the entire building shook. Or maybe it was the cheer from the audience that happened at the moment of recognition. When we were in rehearsal in New Jersey I went to the venue on our day off to make my costume for Madonna’s birthday party. The building was empty except for me. I put Take a Bow on repeat and let it play for 3 hours straight no break, no one to tell me I couldn’t. Last night I knew it was going to be an obstacle course but I had to make it to the front of the Heart stage in time. As soon as the Bolero was on I started my trip, hunched over under the runway, past the B stage, I knew she was going up on the lift , (I just needed a few more seconds-please talk a little longer) I was at the main stage now, I could hear her saying something about doing a new song, past the audio rig, now circle back to the Heart stage through the audience (God don’t trip) dodge the security guard, ok, jump the puddle on the floor, avoid the guy dancing full out but to no music, the dialogue was ending, under the nylon barricade, the first bell chime hit and just for a few minutes, I wasn’t at work…

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