Madonna fait vibrer Bercy avec La Marseillaise-www lefigaro fr

Going to a Madonna concert is similar to taking part to a festive event, maybe even more on that December 9th. The Queen of Pop was on stage at Paris-Bercy for a two-hour show. The superstar, who is known to be quite a diva, especially in Paris (referring to the Olympia showcase in 2012), could have decided to shorten the concert and sing only a few songs: the fans would have loved it anyway, proud to own a ticket worth its weight of gold, literally.

Without any fear or sighs, Madonna was there, true to herself. She gave us a sensational show: a show à l’américaine but with empathy and emotion. Still provocative at 57, the singer struck a pose on “Vogue”, was blasphemous with “Like a Virgin” and gave a nod to our Hispanic roots with “La Isla Bonita”.

In the terraces, Alexis, a 30-something salesman, was invited to the show by his boyfriend as a birthday present. They came from Toulouse and will go back full of memories and stars in the eyes: “The show was amazing and the trip to Paris was worth-doing. Madonna was so touching!” he says, with a big smile illuminating his face a few minutes after the performance of “Holiday” which ended this sensational concert.

Clément, a fair-looking student was a few meters from the Material Girl, whom he considers as his absolute idol. He was supposed to go to the show with his best friend but she ended up not going, still shaken by the terrorist attacks. Too bad for her: Clément is so excited that he thinks of buying a ticket for the December 10th show, the second French date of the Rebel Heart Tour.

Madonna was always proud of her special relationship with France: “it’s the first country I travelled to so I want to thank you!” she reminds us. So, when she gives a show in the Hexagon (nickname of France) less than a month after terrorist attacks in which 130 people were killed, the artist performs with a lot of emotion. For the occasion, her 9-year-old son David offered his first performance on stage with a guitar-accompanied cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”.

The performance came after an emotional speech given by Madonna: “I think about all those people who fought for France, who died for what they believed in! I love France and its big heart! Édith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, Charles Aznavour, JR, Jean-Paul Gaultier, François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Michel Audiard! […] The heart of Paris was violently attacked but it still beats with the heart of every other city and every country in the world!”

A few minutes later, a masterful cover of the Marseillaise, the French hymn, made the Bercy Arena quiver: all the crowd stood up together. Finally, Madonna’s performance of “La Vie en rose” healed the wound from November 13th.

We thought that this homage was over but the show really ended at the Place de la République: the artist was there with Agnès Varda and her friend, photographer JR. Next to the improvised memorial, she emotionally sang John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Another call for peace.

translated by Amzer801

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