2EF8D96F00000578-3342102-image-a-284_1449020187910.jpgOn Tuesday night, Madonna returned to the scene of her famous tumble as she put on a lively performance at the iconic stadium as part of the first UK show of her Rebel Heart world tour.

However this time round, the Queen of Pop was joined on stage by celebrity superfan Graham Norton, who looked absolutely delighted to share the limelight.

Madonna, dressed in a glamorous glittery bodysuit, jumped up on the British TV presenter and tried to wrap her legs around his waist as she put on a wild performance for fans.

Later crawling under his legs, the 57-year-old songstress required the help of all her backing dancers to lift her up from the ground.

That wasn’t the only outrageous moment of the night, with Madonna taking to the stage in a variety of outfits which were sure to get people talking.


She received huge cheers from the crowd when her trailing pink cape was pulled off without a hitch by two dancers.

It was a far cry from the February incident in which Madonna struggled to undo her flowing Armani cape and the pop superstar was accidentally pulled down a set of steps by one of her dancers.

The singing sensation sang new material from her latest album as well as classic hits including Material Girl, before finishing with a rendition of Holiday

Madonna has been keeping her international following entertained during her mammoth Rebel Heart tour, which has so far grossed $ 46million.

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