Turin (18)Long lines, metal detectors and double-checks to get to Pala Alpitour of Turin. The police, after the attacks in Paris, have shielded the palace last night hosted the first of three concerts Italian Madonna. But the desire for music, and the passion for the pop star, defeated the ‘syndrome’ of the Bataclan. “It is about our security – said Cristina – a little ‘tail we had reckoned …”. “A bit ‘of fear there, but you can’t change the way we live,” adds Mary, 77, waiting to cross the controls of the building with her daughter.

For her that “remembers the war,” as keen to point out, the cops rummaging in the bags open and make coats are really small. “I’ve seen worse – he says – okay, the rest must do something to prevent the recurrence of further attacks.” It is not the only one who thinks so among the 11,000 fans of the singer.

The opening of the gates at 18 o’clock, when I started the inputs of the first fan, who had spent the night camped outside.

Two levels of control set up by the Police: the first, made by the steward of the palace, provides for the opening of the backpacks and bags; the second is the passage through the metal detectors positioned just before the stands. Several police officers, financial police that watch over the area, in uniform and in plain clothes, while the explosive sniffing dogs sniff each corner to prevent the presence of weapons. “The moment is special – he also stressed the commissioner for the city, Salvatore Longo -, need the help, and understanding, of the spectators. We will do our best not to be ‘boring’, but security measures are before everything for them. ”

The show is started an hour late at Pala Alpitour, armored exterior for strengthened safeguards. The stage in the shape of a cross with the tip to heart the Queen of Pop has made her entrance, a little after 10 pm, in a cage lowered from above, wrapped in red and surrounded by dancers with long crosses. One song after another, the artist has proposed new and old hits, including spiral staircases appeared from the ceiling, trapdoors that swallowed and lapdance around crucifixes. The red dominated the scene with costumes by the calls Eastern, but also Latin American, very colorful, full of sequins, fringe and bustiers. “Hello Italy, are you ready?” “finally I’m in Italy, my home, my blood,” She said. During the show has repeatedly addressed the public speaking Italian: “I am very happy to be here, I kiss everyone,” She said triggering screams and applause. Without missing a few words: “Italian do it better,” She repeated several times, then joking with some spectators. The show ended in the flight of a swing, to the tune of ‘Holiday’. Reply, Saturday and Sunday.

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