3,w=650,c=0.bildMadonna celebrates in Koln the European launch of her “Rebel Heart Tour” – and makes Wednesday and Thursday (only a few remaining tickets) the sold out.

“The crew has arrived with 55 trucks,” says arena boss Stefan Holes. “In addition to the appearance of U2 is the biggest concert of the year.” With a gigantic effort. “At the concert 100 tons of equipment to be attached to the roof,” says Holes. “That’s the limit of capacity, much more is not possible.” Today, Madonna wants already rehearsing in the arena so that the concert everything is perfect. There are 8 times change costumes changes in the show, recite a song in the iron cage. Besides her dancing an army of soldiers, or half-naked nuns across the stage.

Her dancers are housed at the Hyatt since Sunday evening, take from there yesterday afternoon for sightseeing on. “It is very nice with you, so great weather, we did not expect,” one said to BILD. “Queen” Madonna allegedly sleeping elsewhere. The Presidential Suite at Hyatt is rumored not be available because there already resides an entrepreneur. Just a deception …?

Source : Bild

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