Thanks to the impressive visual magic of her show Rebel Heart, Madonna has managed to charm Quebec Monday night, three years after dividing the Plains of Abraham. But it still took patience before the party does not throw in the Vidéotron Centre.
After the raw energy of Metallica, the amphitheater vibrated in a completely different note with the Queen of Pop and her 12,000 fans. While the kings of metal fans were involved show their unbridled enthusiasm, those of Madonna played the role of observers, especially early in the course, while Madonna lined up the pieces of her Rebel Heart album.
Quebec (20)It has not helped that Madonna, like on the Plains in 2012, went on stage late, almost half an hour after the scheduled time. But this time her tardiness was forgiven when she came down from heaven in a cage, on the stroke of 22 pm.

Under the joy of her fans, she began the evening with a number Iconic combining spirit of Samurai and medieval aesthetics after an introduction featuring Mike Tyson.

Have subsequently followed a series of tables, each more impressive than each other, the favorite themes of the Material Girl, namely sex and religion. Elaborate choreography, complex and colorful acrobatics worthy of the circus and stunning light projections knew him moments of intimacy between Madonna and the public.

If the sisters that make pole dancing on Holy Water have shocked person, projections of the Montreal-based Moment Factory have a hit, especially in the beautiful delivery Messiah.
But it’s the aerobatic part number Illuminati, the acrobatics breathtaking, which provoked the most intense reactions.

Certainly, the public had an eyeful but it was also came to sing and dance. The party has finally set in motion when Madonna sang True Blue, the ukulele. Pleased to hear a known success, the audience could clap before stretch when the Madonna followed with a catchy Deeper & Deeper.

Another revamped version of one of her hits from the first hour, Like a Virgin, Madonna has seen her pace easily cross-shaped stage supplemented with a heart to go and meet her fans in what was the first real moment of communion in the evening Videotron Centre.
The merger was complete when the star has offered her cover in French La vie en rose, accompanied by a chorus of 12,000 voices, all greeted with a standing ovation. One of the beautiful moments of an evening concluded with “Holiday”.
At 57, Madonna demonstrates Rebel Heart it has lost none of her enthusiasm or her audacity. The time of retirement, or settling in Las Vegas, has far from come.

Source : JournalDeQuèbec – Translate : Google

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