Could they all be collaborating?

Giving credence to the conspiracy theory that all famous people secretly know each other, Win Butler brought out Diplo and Madonna while DJing under his DJ Windows 98 Moniker at the Phi Centre in Montreal.  

With my woes in Montreal,” was Diplo’s caption for a video he posted on Twitter, in which he pivots the camera around to show himself standing on stage next to Butler. Photos show him briefly stepping on to the decks, while Madonna and fellow Arcade Fire member Régine Chassagne stand by.

Could this possibly hint at a collaboration on the way? Back in August, Diplo told Charlie Rose something along those lines:
“We [Skrillex and I] were recently on tour together in Canada. We went to Montreal, and we had a day with Arcade Fire. [To Rose] Have you heard of that band? And a friend of mine was there, and we just said “hey, let’s go meet up with you guys.We went to his garage and just literally played for twenty minutes, just everybody on an instrument. I got the files from them, and now I edit it down these loops in little pieces.”

Source : lntv

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