MADONNA“When I think about what a summer song is, at first, I think of something celebratory and up – but that’s not quite really it, because I’ve dug some incredible summer songs that weren’t. But it defiantly has to have a phat groove.It’s not about Enya in the summertime, you know what I mean?

For example, ‘Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League reminds me of the days of Danceteria, New York. I lived on the Lower East Side, at 4th and B, in a tenement apartment.I didn’t have a record deal but my demos were hot off the press and I used to go to Danceteria every weekend, trying to meet the DJ or an A&R person to give my tape to.

I’d spend all night on the dance floor in some hideous outfit while all the skinny fashionable girls threw their drinks on me. But when that song came on, I forgot my humiliation. I didn’t care that I was soaking wet and didn’t have any friends.”

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