Liz Rosenberg Media will be closing our offices at the end of June.

After more than two centuries of being in the publicity game, taking care of more than a few one-namers, a few thousand wanna-be’s, several not a chance in hell and lots in between, I’ve decided it’s time to take a very long, extended and well deserved break.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved all my adventures and I’ve had enough for many lifetimes. I’ve been unbelievably lucky to have a front row seat to some of the most incredible moments in music and pop-culture history. And let us not forget, I also had my share of begging, waiting, explaining, crying, juggling, keeping secrets, lying on very rare occasions – maybe twice tops, being punched by paparazzi, dancing on ceilings, scraping people off the floor- including myself and oh so much more.

I send a huge, wet, juicy kiss from my lips to yours to all of the many people my heart beats for – you know who you are – a hug or warm handshake to those I don’t know as well and blessings to everybody. Shalom y’all.

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thumbGiven that America’s entertainment and tech capitals are located in the same state, it’s no wonder that the two very different worlds of Hollywood and Silicon Valley have taken an interest in one another. And while it isn’t rare for famous entertainers to get involved with startups in some capacity, only a handful have really made noteworthy contributions–whether in the form of a large one-time investment or through a series of multiple strategic deals. Madonna is #6
After reportedly drinking Vita Coco coconut water every day while on tour, Madonna invested $1.5 million in the brand in 2010. Other investors included her manager Guy Oseary, actors Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore, and Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis. The investment appears to be paying off. Coconut water’s popularity has been soaring in recent years, and Vita Coco has an estimated 40 percent market share in the United States. The brand is sold in 30 countries worldwide and did $421.1 million in global retail sales last year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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31_categoryWe’re only midway through 2015 but it’s seems safe to declare this the year of Amy Schumer. She’s already hosted the MTV awards; the third season of Inside Amy Schumer has been sharper and funnier than ever; her movie Trainwreck will debut on July 17; and she’s even won a Peabody. What else is left? Opening for Madonna, of course.

Schumer tells EW that she’s a lifelong “huge, crazy” Madonna fan (the video she tweeted out—see below—of a young Amy Schumer singing ‘Like a Prayer’ backs this up). “I murdered all her albums,” she says. “It was the craziest thing. Chris Rock called me a couple of months ago and was like, ‘Madonna wants your phone number.’ I’m like, I can’t believe you have my phone number!”

Before she knew it, her Madgesty asked if she’d open for her in New York this September. “My answer was of course,” Schumer says. “There is no one in the world I’d want to open for more. I was just jumping up and down and called all my girlfriends from high school.”

And while she may be a little nervous—”These shows could be really rough for me because they’re waiting for Madonna and then I’m out there telling jokes”—she knows there’s one happy benefit to this gig. “I’m just excited to be close up to the stage and scream sing her songs.”

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The Queen of Pop released her new video “Bitch I’m Madonna” Wednesday, which featured cameos by some of the biggest names in music.
As previously reported, Madonna posted a picture via social media prior to the video’s release to inform fans about some of the famous faces that would be appearing. 


Madge posted an image of Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Rita Ora and captioned it, “Video coming soon! Just tryin to make it perfect for all of you. We are hard werking betches!”

In addition to those ladies, the latest video off her Rebel Heart album also featured Kanye West, comedian Chris Rock, designer Alexander Wang and the Material girl’s two sons, Rocco and David.

In honor of the release of the “Bitch I’m Madonna” video, is counting down her top 10 videos of all time. Of course it was no easy task since the singer has been making videos for more than three decades and has about 70 under her belt. But we narrowed it down to 10 of Madonna’s most epic videos that we all know and remember.

10. “Hung Up”
The “Hung Up” video starts out with the diva stretching for a routine in a pink leotard. As the video progresses it showcases the talents of gifted dancers and performers doing amazing acrobats.

9. “Justify My Love”
The No. 9 video on our countdown was even too racy for MTV in 1990. The premises of the video for the Lenny Kravitz-written hit “Justify My Love” is that the singer arrives at a hotel and becomes engaged with other guests in sexual acts and S&M behavior. The sadomasochism, voyeurism and bisexual imagery that was featured in the video made it one of the most controversial of Madge’s career.

8. “Ray of Light”
The “Ray of Light” video seems to move at the speed of light as everything going on in the world moves at warp speed. When watching the video, viewers can’t help but feel like they are speeding along as well. The high-energy video meshed well with the song which was really the pop singer’s first time venturing into the house music genre.

7. “Cherish”
The video for the 1989 hit song “Cherish” takes place on a beach and in true Madonna fashion steps away from the traditional and features mermen and a merchild instead of mermaids.

6. “Papa Don’t Preach”
The video for one of my favorite tunes by the Michigan native debuted in 1986. The lyrics to the song deal with teenage pregnancy and abortion. Madonna played a teen girl afraid to tell her father, played by actor Danny Aiello, that she was pregnant. Madge’s boyfriend in the video was played by actor Alex McArthur, who Madonna herself hand picked for that role.

5. “Like a Virgin”
The “Like a Virgin” video is vintage Madonna complete with a ton of costume jewelry, dark makeup and wild hair. In the video she is parading around the streets of Venice and appears in a white wedding dress. During her career she has given many memorable performances of this song particularly at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1984 and again in 2003 alongside Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

4. “Material Girl”
In the “Material Girl” video, the singer channels her inner Marilyn Monroe as she is decked out from head to toe the same way Monroe was in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when she sang “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” I love this video because it accompanies my favorite Madonna song.

3. “Express Yourself”
Madonna had more say over the production of this video than any other one she has ever done. She said that she oversaw pretty much everything including the casting of the right cat to making what she referred to as a “mini-movie.” The girl power tune and video were massive hits that appealed not only to her female fans but also to her huge gay male following.

2. “Like a Prayer”
“Like a Prayer” is definitely on the list of those controversial videos that Madge put out. Christians everywhere condemned the video for its imagery. After its release, Pope John Paul II banned her from touring in Italy. The video features actor Leon playing Saint Martin de Porres.

1. “Vogue”
The “Vogue” video was responsible for starting a dance craze in the early ‘90s that involved moving your hands different ways to “strike a pose” and “Vogue.” Like several of the diva’s other videos this one was also shot entirely in black and white and has long been regarded as one of her most iconic videos.

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I remember listening to the True Blue album on my walkman so much that a tangled mess of tape would come out and I would fix it with a pencil. (If you’re in your thirties, you know what I’m talking about it. If you’re younger than that, you’re probably still stuck on “what’s a walkman?”) I never wore the classic Madonna outfit–the black half shirt, the fish net gloves, lace leggings, and mini skirt. I was a little young for that but I totally would have if my mother would have allowed it.

Madonna is known for being a boss. Her business skills are often described as “manipulative”, “relentless”, and “brilliant”. Some of those adjectives might not have been used if she were a man. Madonna is a shrewd businesswoman who worked hard for her successes. She knows her brand and she has marketed it well.

Aside from her business successes, she has indisputably had an effect on music and has opened the doors for female artists to express their sexuality and while some may not find that to be much of a feminist accomplishment, it speaks directly to the patriarchal concept of the virgin-whore dichotomy. Madonna fought for freedom of expression–yes, much of what she wanted to express was sexual in nature–but why shouldn’t women have equal opportunity to express whatever they want artistically?

So let’s recognize Madonna’s fearlessness with five times that Madonna proved that she’s the OG of pop music:

When Like a Prayer came out, I remember my mother having an opinion on it which was rare. She didn’t often comment on pop culture. We weren’t a religious family. I remember going to church twice, once for Easter and the other time I was there because they were offering free family portraits. Nevertheless, my mother was absolutely horrified that Madonna was getting down in a church with a black man. Scandalous! I, however, thought that this was the greatest video ever made and I could listen to that song on repeat for days.

Like a Prayer really was pretty shocking. Madonna made a video in 1989 featuring a black man getti Continue reading “FIVE TIMES MADONNA SMASHED THE PATRIARCHY”


Madonna’s longtime publicist set to retire
Madonna relied on her, so did Cher.

Now, ever-quotable p.r. queen Liz Rosenberg exclusively tells us she’s abdicating her throne to retire.
I think two centuries is long enough, don’t you?” quipped Rosenberg, who’s also repped Michael Bublé and Stevie Nicks and worked with Prince, Rod Stewart, Carly Simon and Ashford & Simpson.

Madonna portrayed her on “SNL” in 1992 — “the good ol’ days,” Rosenberg recalled.

She launched Liz Rosenberg Media in 2010 after nearly 40 years at Warner Bros. Records.

It reminds me not to take it all too seriously,” Rosenberg said of her look — regularly wearing bunny ears on starry red carpets.

She’s looking forward to an extended break, but, “I’m going to consult, advise and protect my peeps from the likes of Page Six forever. I love them too much to do otherwise,” she said. “On a serious note, these people are part of my family. I could never step away completely. I envision myself like Sue Mengers, doing my work from a round bed with a lot of lip-shaped pillows.”

Her firm’s logo was a pair of lips — with a trace of smudged lipstick.

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Madonna announces first performances in Australia in over two decades & first ever appearance in New Zealand!

Madonna will make a historic return to Australia performing live for the first time in 23 years as well as her first ever shows in New Zealand, with her Rebel Heart Tour.

The tour will kick off at Vector Arena on March 5th and 6th in Auckland, followed by the Australian dates presented by Telstra Thanks® and including concerts on March 12th & 13th in Melbourne, March 19th & 20th in Sydney and March 26th & 27th in Brisbane.

Tickets and VIP Packages go on sale Monday, July 6th at 10am.

Tour dates:

Vector Arena, Auckland – March 5th
Vector Arena, Auckland – March 6th
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne – March 12th
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne – March 13th
Allphones Arena, Sydney – March 19th
Allphones Arena, Sydney – March 20th
Entertainment Centre, Brisbane – March 26th
Entertainment Centre, Brisbane – March 27th

Icon is Madonna’s official fan club. In celebration of Madonna’s return visit to Australia, Icon will host a pre-sale for current registered Icon members. Lifetime Legacy members of Icon will receive first access to tickets and VIP Packages starting Tuesday, June 23rd at 10am local times. Members of Icon from Australia and New Zealand, registered before June 15th 2015, will receive a special code to access to Icon pre-sales beginning on June 23rd at 12-noon local times. Details at

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in Australia is presented by Telstra Thanks. Telstra Thanks will be offering customers the chance to jump the queue for tickets to the Australian leg of the Rebel Heart Tour through a pre-sale starting at Tuesday, June 30th at 11am and running until Thursday, July 2nd at 5pm. Telstra customers can register for a unique code NOW at

In both New Zealand and Australia Citi® Cardholders will be eligible for a pre-sale opportunity beginning Wednesday, June 24th at 10am through Friday, June 26th at 5pm.

My Live Nation members can access tickets during the pre-sale commencing Friday July 3rd at 10am through Saturday, July 4th at 5pm. To register to be a My Live Nation member, go here:

For the full list of tour dates and ticketing information, head to the tour page here:

For more information about VIP Packages available via VIP Nation Australia & New Zealand, go to the Rebel Heart VIP page:


Jeez people get a grip and lighten up: this music video for Bitch I’m Madonna is actually quite amusing. And no one has ever accused Madonna of having a noticeable sense of humour before.
Even before those of us who haven’t signed up for Tidal (which is, well, pretty much everyone except Kanye’s entourage and that sad bloke down the street who spends his day waiting for alerts about Katy Perry cleavage shots) had seen the music video for one of the lesser tracks on Madonna’s current album there were declarations.

There was moralising: ooh, she’s singing about drinking and screwing (of bottle tops, but we know what she really means don’t we?) and kissing people. Like more than one – hussy!
There was sexism: probably had it written by a bloke, she hasn’t had an idea herself since 1982, she’s the plaything of producers etc etc.
There was ageism: the woman is past 50, she can’t be dancing and partying and singing about dancing and partying. Isn’t there a cardigan to knit? Hey, grandma leave those kids alone.
There was literalism: yes, we know you’re Madonna already and who are you calling bitch, bitch?
And there was music-ism: eeww, dance music, pop music – can’t be any good. Plus it’s got that Nicki Melange, or Ricki Hijab or whatever, rapping like this was a hippity hoppity thing. Dude, where’s my guitar solo??!!
So what happens when you set aside the whys and wherefores of Tidal (a streaming service set up by megastars with a legitimate grievance but amazingly bad sense of public perceptions) and just watch the clip?
Two words for you: sock puppets. Yep, fluoro sock puppets. Fluoro sock puppets “singing”. No one makes a music video with sock puppets and says this is serious, mum.

Add in the bits where Madonna, in her animal print dress and none-more-glitter pink jacket is working some weights next to a posse of Like A Virgin-era, pre-teen Mini-Mes, squirts water on a studly, open-shirt cop, shakes her boobs at the camera, throws a drink down the throat of a bloke at the bar and is always surrounded by parody-level cool folk in every shade of look-at-me party wear and it’s so OTT it can only be good craic.

In this context the lyrics, which sound so try-hard on the album, come across as self-mockery and funnier than the skinny Japanese girls fighting in the bubble bath look. And the celebrity cameos – from Chris Rock to Beyonce with stopovers at Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry – are less needy and more in-joke, like the self-referential solo dance-off that ends with Madonna crashed to the floor gasping for air.
Looks like Madonna isn’t just having fun here but doing that rare thing for a filmclip, making an OK song far more listenable and enjoyable. You don’t have to like the song, or her, to at least see that. But you do need to get off your high horse.

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The original queen of pop dropped her music video for “Bitch, I’m Madonna” earlier this week and it bravely matched Taylor Swift’s cameo-packed “Bad Blood” affair. And while Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Rita Ora, Chris Rock, and Nicki Minaj are just a few of the musical heavy hitters who make the piece as star-studded as the front row at her L.A. concerts, it’s not the first time the diva has invited celebrities inside her court. From Justin Timberlake to Naomi Campbell, Mike Myers to Pharrell Williams, Madonna has her fair share of megawattage friends. Below, 10 surprising cameo appearances in her Madgesty’s videography.

1. Back in 2008, Pharrell Williams appeared as Madonna’s Birkin handler, backup dancer, and singer in “Give It 2 Me.”

2. Sofia Coppola and Debi Mazar were the perfect fit for the party-loving crew the star assembled for her newest video. In 1992, the two appeared alongside the singer as disco-loving divas in “Deeper and Deeper.”

3. Justin Timberlake was Madonna’s first choice for the role as her boy toy in 2008’s “4 Minutes.”

4. Nicki Minaj and Madonna’s friendship is nothing new. The rapper appeared as a cheerleader and Marilyn Monroe wannabe with M.I.A. in “Give Me All Your Luvin'” in 2012.

5. Even ambitious blondes need a guardian angel, and that’s the role Christopher Walken portrayed in Madonna’s 1993 “Bad Girl” video.

6. There’s no denying that the Material Girl makes the people come together. And that’s exactly what she did in her “Music” video, with Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen) as her chauffeur.

7. Which playmates did Madonna want in her 1993 “Erotica” video? Naomi Campbell, Isabella Rossellini, and Vanilla Ice, of course.

8. Leave it to Terrence Howard to play the singer’s post-apocalyptic dance partner in “Ghosttown” earlier this year.

9. Rupert Everett was Madonna’s patriotic sidekick in “American Pie.”

10. The one and only Austin Powers (Mike Meyers) tried to give Madonna some of his mojo in “Beautiful Stranger.”

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