In reverse order of greatness, 10-1.

WHAT DID WE LEARN, immersing ourselves in Madonna’s oeuvre, in preparation for the cover story in the latest MOJO magazine?

Firstly (and, like, durr) that she has a lot of great songs. Secondly, that for a predominantly dance-pop artist, she is uncommonly artful and eclectic. Thirdly, that she can’t help but pour her life into her songs, even the ones she didn’t, technically, write.

So, as a kind of audio-visual companion to our new issue, here’s the MOJO office’s idea of La Ciccone’s 10 Greatest Songs.

10. Madonna – Hung Up (from Confessions On A Dancefloor, 2005)

Madonna’s ability to spot the coming man on the dance scene was never better illustrated than in her co-option of Les Rhythmes Digitales’ Stuart Price. Cue this scintillating disco reboot and what Pete Paphides describes in the current MOJO magazine as “a sublime vocal of unsated longing”. Continue reading “MOJO.COM: MADONNA’S 10 GREATEST SONGS”


madonna LfL

We are happy to announce that the ‪#‎livingforlove‬ remix ep will be available on February 9th via iTunes, Beatport and everywhere else! Featuring remixes by Erick Morillo, Offer Nissim, Djemba Djemba, Mike Rizzo, PAULO & Jackinsky, THRILL, and Dirty Pop + go to Spotify on Feb 9th for an ‪#‎exclusive‬ Michael Diamond Remix!
Check out Erick Morillo’s mixes now on Madonna’s Youtube channel:


kxDdoKEMadonna has flattened Taylor Swift… with a compliment.

The reigning Queen Of Pop has invited Taylor into her realm by suggesting the ever-rising superstar was a “princess” of the genre.
Speaking to Australian presenter Richard Wilkins for Network Nine’s Today show, Madonna said, “It’s good to have princesses [of pop]. It means there’s lots of pretty dresses around. I like Taylor Swift. I think she writes some really catchy pop songs. I can’t get them out of my head.”
Taylor responded on her Tumblr page with a suitably swift riposte. “Thanks now I’m dead” (She followed with the gushing hashtags #HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THIS #BE COOL TAYLOR STOP BEING EMBARRASSING).

There was a time when Madonna couldn’t get Kylie Minogue out of her head, and she proved it in 2000 by wearing a “Kylie” t-shirt on stage (and of course, the Aussie singer wore a “Madonna” top to return the favor). Surely it can’t be long before Taylor is spotted in a “Madonna” t-shirt.


IMG_3816Another special edition will be made available of Rebel Heart, this however will be a special promo edition and limited to 200 copies.

This will be a digipack with 2 CD’s, one with all the tracks and one with remixes.This edition will come sealed with leather strings (as M is pictured on album cover).

This edition will only be available exclusively through contests. This is a France only promo and will probably be ready in three weeks time.

Source : MadonnaUnderground


Madonna Rebel Heart

Fnac store revealed a track list of their special edition of Rebel Heart album. According to information on their site, the album will include 21 songs (not 20 as it was reported before).

Both additional songs are just remixes of Living For Love single (THRILL Remix and Offer Nissim Dub Remix) so it could be a second disc with 2-track Living For Love CD single becuase technically there is not possible to include two additional tracks on the 19-tracks album (approx. 75 minutes).

Source : Fnac / madonnadiscography


This is the STANDARD EDITION OF “REBEL HEART” 14 tracks on iTunes

01. Living for love
02. Devil pray
03. Ghosttown
04. Unapologetic bitch
05. Illuminati
06. Bitch I’m madonna
07. Hold tight
08. Joan of Arc
09. Iconic
10. Heartbreakcity
11. Body Shop
12. Holy water
13. Inside out
14. Wash all over me


Vanilla Ice, Björk, Deepak Chopra and Sofia Coppola have all entered Madonna’s art over the course of her sprawling career.

Madonna and Mike Tyson, on a song together? It’s true: the pop legend and boxing icon have linked up for “Iconic,” a track on her forthcoming album Rebel Heart that will also feature Chance The Rapper. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Tyson outlined the unlikely pairing, called Madonna an “awesome, serene person,” and also found time to wax poetic on Benito Mussolini’s “street swag.”

Pretty surprising? Absolutely. But over the course of her three-decade career, Madonna has proven that she is unafraid of reaching out to artists, characters and celebrities one would never envision her working with, from Austin Powers to Tupac to Warren Beatty.

Check out 10 of Madonna’s most daring collaborations to date, ahead of her opus with Mike Tyson that will surely be added to this list in a few weeks: Continue reading “MADONNA’S 10 MOST SURPRISING COLLABORATIONS”


madonna_like-a-prayerMadonna isn’t known as the queen of reinvention for nothing. While you’re guaranteed a good variety of outfits at a Madonna-themed fancy dress party, there’s more to Madge than a collection of hairdos and eye-catching costumes.

Over the course of her career she’s flirted with dance, pop, rock, disco, R&B and, of course, musicals, but perhaps her most successful – and surprising – transformation was her 1998 comeback as trance-folk Earth mother.

Album Ray of Light and its atmospheric lead single Frozen saw Madonna shake off the glitz and slickness of previous campaigns and embrace a dancier, edgier sound – yet all still very radio-friendly.

It was a huge recipe for success: Frozen scored Madonna her first Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart in almost eight years. She was back with a vengeance and Ray Of Light was a global hit.

CHART FACT: Frozen was Madonna’s eighth Number 1, selling over 550,000 copies.

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