Billboard released the updated final numbers for Madonna’s MDNA tour, which was widely publicized to have made 296 million dollars. Apparently, all shows weren’t accounted for and Madonna actually made almost 306 million dollars. This gives her the 10th biggest moneymaking tour of all time.

What’s interesting about these numbers is the fact that Elton John and others have declared Madonna’s career as “over” this past year. Elton John, who played to mostly empty houses this past year, shouldn’t be one to talk. There is no doubt he’s had an amazing career, but to call someone far more successful than you “over” seems a bit hypocritical.

This isn’t to say that Madonna is perfect either. There has been a lot of bad publicity over her recent tour. Most of the bad publicity is unwarranted and sexist, but some is deserved. The fact that she started many of her shows at 10:30 p.m. (even one time 11:30 p.m.) is very disrespectful to fans who have paid so much money to see their idol.

We hear that there were many technical difficulties for the MDNA tour. We also hear that Madonna was not backstage laughing while crowds waited impatiently; she was making sure everything was perfect. In other words, Madonna thought she was caring for her fans by doing several vocal rehearsals, dance rehearsals, and analyzing everything to make sure her show was perfect for the fans, even if she came on stage late. Madonna does care about her fans, but not in a way that makes everybody happy.

2013 will — for the most part — be a peaceful year for the Queen of Pop. She deserves some time off. There may be a soundtrack song released and we hear she has been talking with Patrick Leonard, the man she cowrote “Live to Tell,” “Like a Prayer,” and many other classics with. There is also a big possibility that Madonna will perform at various events. Let’s hope the Queen of Pop will show the world, once again, why she has earned her title.



The final numbers are in, and Madonna’s 2012 “MDNA” tour has retained her box office form, clocking in at $305,158,363 gross with 2,212,345 in attendance over 88 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. The tour began in Israel last May 31 and finished in Argentina on Dec. 22, hitting Europe, Asia and North America in between.

The “MDNA” final box office tally is enough to rank “MDNA” No. 10 all-time in tours as reported to Boxscore, sandwiched between the Rolling Stones’ “Licks” tour of 2002-2003 ($311 million) and the Stones’ “Bridges To Babylon” tour of 1997-98 ($274 million).

This is Madonna’s second time in the Boxscore Top 10; the “Sticky & Sweet” tour of 2008-09 was third all-time at $408 million, the highest ever for a solo artist. Her 2006 “Confessions” tour came in at $194 million. All of these tours, including “MDNA,” were produced by Live Nation’s Global Touring division, headed by LNGT chairman Arthur Fogel, who offhandedly predicted to Billboard back in April that MDNA would end up a Boxscore Top 10 tour.

Had “MDNA” played Australian stadiums, as was initially considered, the tour would have moved up a few notches up the all-time list. As it stood and as it stands, “MDNA” was the highest-grossing tour for 2012 according to Boxscore, making it Madonna’s third time closing a year at the top of the box office heap, the others being 2009 and 2004. Madonna joined the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and Bon Jovi as the only acts to be Billboard’s highest-grossing tour twice in a three-year span, and “MDNA” gives Fogel and Live Nation their sixth top tour over the past 10 years.

“MDNA” highlights were many, with the run through South America being notably successful. The five highest Boxscores on the tour were:

– Estadio Atanasio Gerardo in Medellin, Colombia, Nov. 28-29 ($14.7 million gross, 90,018 attendance)
– Yankee Stadium in New York Sept. 6 and 8($12.6 million, 79,775)
– Foro Sol in Mexico City Nov. 24-25 ($11.6 million,84,382)
– Estadio Rive Plate in Buenos Aires ($10.8 million, 89,226)
– Estadio do Morumbi in Sao Paulo Dec. 4-5 ($8.4 million, 85,255)

In North America, “MDNA” did best — not counting Yankee Stadium — at:

– Plains of Abraham in Quebec Sept. 1 ($8 million, 70,569)
– Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Sept. 12-13 ($7.5 million, 32,557)
– The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Oct. 13-14 ($7.2 million, 24,991)
– The Staples Center in Los Angeles Oct. 10-11 ($6.2 million, 29,015).

“MDNA” is the second tour under a 10-year multi-rights deal between Madonna and Live Nation, signed in 2007. “MDNA” is Madonna’s fifth tour with Fogel’s team, a run that marks the Material Girl’s ascent into the elite ranks of touring artists and inarguably makes her the top touring female artist of all time.

“It seems like I have said this a number of times following Madonna tours — five times to be precise: the overwhelming global success of the ‘MDNA’ tour proves yet again that Madonna is the greatest female touring artist,” Fogel told Billboard as the tour came to a close. “As this tour takes its place as one of the most successful in history, I can’t help but enjoy the fact that it is the millions of fans who determine that. Thank you to [Madonna manager] Guy Oseary and the entire staff and crew of ‘MDNA.’ ”


Brando Enterprises demanded millions of dollars when Madonna showed the late actor’s image during concert performances.

Madonna is about to resolve litigation with Marlon Brando’s estate over using the late actor’s image when she performs the song “Vogue” in concert.

The lyrics to the song list out many celebrities (“Greta Garbo, and Monroe / Dietrich and DiMaggio …”) and Madonna has made it a habit to use images of dead celebrities in her set dressing.
But to do so, she arguably needs permission from the estates, and two lawsuits were filed last year over her alleged failure to get it.
CMG Worldwide, an Indiana-based firm that manages the intellectual property rights of many dead stars, sued first, looking to protect Madonna. CMG was in charge of clearing rights for Bhakti Touring Inc, which represented Madonna when she went out on her MDNA world tour after last year’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

Madonna was to pay $5,000 each to the estates of James Dean, Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers, etc., and CMG thought it had agreed to a likewise deal with reps for the Brando estate. But according to a suit filed in September, Brando’s licensing reps increased their demands to $20,000, which represented a problem since it meant that Madonna would then have to also pay $20,000 to each of the other dead celebs thanks to “most favored nation” contractual clauses. It might have made “Vogue” too costly to be performed as intended.

CMG sued, seeking a declaration that Brando’s estate and its agents be prevented from bringing any lawsuits against CMG, Bakhti and Madonna for violations of Brando’s intellectual property. The plaintiff claimed to have a valid and enforceable contract.

The Brando estate nevertheless returned fire with its own lawsuit against Madonna in October, accusing her of having “intentionally, negligently, and/or willingly used the Brando IP Assets for the purposes of attracting attention to the Tour, to the individual concerts and to the song ‘Vogue’ itself and for the purpose of enhancing the advertising and marketing thereof.”

Suing for misappropriation of publicity rights and trademarks, the Brando estate sought $100,000 for each nonwillful use and $1 million for each willful use.
The parties have informed the court that they had reached a settlement in principle but need time to execute the settlement agreement. Terms haven’t yet been revealed. The Brando estate is known for its litigiousness in protecting rights, suing in the past over such allegedly exploitive items as motorcycle boots and sofas. The actor, who died in 2004, won Oscars for On the Waterfront and The Godfather and also starred in such films as A Streetcar Named Desire, The Wild One and Last Tango in Paris.

Source : HollywoodReporter


Style: "04A-016"

Hard Candy Fitness is coming to Italy! This first location in Rome is a stunning 13,000 square feet space located in the heart of Rome’s historic center. The three story, amenity-packed club will include studios for yoga, group cycling, and group fitness, where the brand’s exclusive Addicted to Sweat programs will be featured. A full selection of traditional group fitness classes will also be offered, along with designated spaces for functional and personal training, and an espresso bar. Get ready to sweat, Rome!



The Material Girl had worked with Tracy Anderson for three years and before having a contentious split in 2009. Now Madonna’s new trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, is getting in on the fight by releasing their new range of workout DVDs, ‘Hard Candy Fitness: Addicted to Sweat’, as a way to get back at Anderson, whose DVD series has become a major part of her empire, reported New York Post. “This is not about being competitive with Tracy.

It’s just timing. Nicole was on tour with Madonna all over the world, so she wasn’t available to do much promotion for the DVD series. But now she’s back in New York,” Madonna’s representative insisted. A source close to Anderson said, “Madonna and that trainer are not on her radar. She could not care less.”


Madonna’s charitable endeavours were dealt another blow yesterday when Malawi’s Education Minister flatly denied the pop star’s claims that her charity had built 10 new schools in the country.

In December, Raising Malawi announced that its efforts to support vulnerable children in the East African nation had led to the construction of 10 primary schools to serve more than 4,800 pupils in rural villages. The schools, it said, were the result of a partnership between Madonna, her charity, and a non-profit school-building organisation, buildOn.

“I am overjoyed that my commitment along with buildOn’s to help educate the children of Malawi has come to fruition,” the 54-year-old singer said in a statement at the time. “The fact that more than 4,800 children in Malawi will get to go to school next year is a tremendous step forward for their individual growth and the growth of Malawi.”

But yesterday, the Education Minister, Eunice Kazembe, implied that Madonna did not deserve quite so much credit. “The schools Raising Malawi claims to have constructed were already in existence,” she said.

“Raising Malawi only built 10 classroom blocks and not schools,” the minister went on. “People should know the difference between the two.” The Malawi government, she said, was keen to “clarify any misconceptions that may arise“.

The singer has had her run-ins with the country’s authorities before, following difficulties with Raising Malawi’s previous educational endeavours. In 2009, to great fanfare, she laid the foundation stone for a $15m elite academy for girls in Chinkota village, not far from the national capital, Lilongwe. Madonna reportedly invested $11m of her own money in the project, which was also backed by the singer’s Kabbalah associates.

A year later, however, the school’s construction was cancelled and its local staff sacked, after a report accused them of “extreme mismanagement”. The report claimed funds had been expropriated and spent on luxury cars and golf club membership. The 117-acre Chinkota site, for which many villagers had been forced to give up their homes, is now a “heroes’ acre” and national monument.

Following the furore, Madonna announced she would build 10 schools instead, but the Department of Education initially rejected the suggestion, saying it was “fed up” with her interference.

The country is the native home of two of the singer’s children, David and Mercy, both controversially adopted from Malawian families.

Joyce Banda, Malawi’s President, criticised Madonna last year for the adoptions and for “changing her mind” over the academy plans. “I have a problem with a lot of things around the adoption of the children and the changing of the mind and then coming back to build community schools,” Ms Banda said.

Raising Malawi was founded in 2006 with a mission to provide educational support and medical care to the landlocked nation’s 1.4 million vulnerable children, around one million of whom have been orphaned by Aids. The charity’s celebrity supporters include Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise and Donald Trump.

Source : BelfastTelegraph


Hit the road, Jack.

That may well be the take-away for musicians when reading Calendar’s annual Ultimate Top 10 list, a ranking that combines income from recordings as well as the concert box office to show who had the most lucrative years according to numbers reported by Nielsen SoundScan and the concert industry-tracking publication Pollstar.

Since the Ultimate Top 10 began in 1998, there’s often been a sizable split between the acts that make their nut from touring and those earning most of their money at physical and virtual cash registers from recordings.

In 2012, however, all but one of the acts that finished in the Top 10 made it primarily — or exclusively — from their concerts. The exception was the ever-exceptional Adele, who, for the first time since SoundScan began tracking retail sales in 1991, claimed the same bestselling album two years in a row with “21.”

Among the top-selling pop musicians of the year, including Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Mumford & Sons, Jason Aldean, Maroon 5 and Carrie Underwood, only Bieber and Aldean made the Ultimate Top 10 because both spent significant quality time on the road during the year.

The trend is yet another troubling sign for the record industry, even as year-end Nielsen SoundScan reports held some areas of optimism for the many musicians, label execs and others in the industry who still put stock in digital downloads, CDs, vinyl and other forms of music that live on after the final notes of a concert have faded into the night.

This year’s Ultimate Top 10 also includes a new wrinkle to reflect streaming music, which has become an increasingly critical component of the 21st century media world.

Streams typically earn small fractions of a cent for the artist, although that figure can vary widely depending on who owns the master recordings. But the number of listens they’re generating these days is pretty astonishing, demonstrating a different measure of how strongly musicians connect with audiences.

So as a complement to the list, we’re acknowledging the queens and kings of the streaming universe through totals accumulated for streamed audio tracks and videos, also as reported by SoundScan.

Finally, the usual Ultimate Top 10 caveat: This isn’t the final word on musicians’ total financial picture, as it does not include merchandising, product endorsements, song placements in movies and TV shows, ring tones, website subscriptions and myriad other sources of income that artists and their management keep much closer to their vests.

Recording sales revenue is calculated using an average price of $10 per album and $1.14 cents per digital track, as more tracks are now being offered at $1.29 per download rather than the 99-cent price that initially was the iTunes standard.

The results:

1. Madonna, $144 million. The queen of reinvention had the highest-grossing tour worldwide (MDNA) with $296.1 million, so it’s no surprise that she was tops in North America too, thanks to $133.7 million from 45 shows in 31 cities. Like other 1970s and ’80s acts that made the Top 10, a much smaller share of her Ultimate total came from digital track sales — just $2.1 million compared with $8.2 million for physical and digital album sales.


by Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times



Madonna‘s brother Christopher Ciccone is all about reductive fashion! Ciccone, who is his sister’s former artistic director, says that Lady Gaga would be best served by copying his sister’s sense of style more. Say what? Turns out Ciccone thinks copying the Material Girl would make Ma Monster more accessible to her fans.

Madge’s little brother designed the stages for some of her most memorable tours, like Blonde Ambition and the Girlie Show. They eventually fell out and he wrote a tell-all, so it’s not like Ciccone is all, like, the cap’n of Team Madge in the epic battle between these two pop divas.

Since he has made a living in the style biz and now designs shoes, Ciccone offered his tips on what Gaga can do differently, which she can of course take or leave. Madge probably isn’t thrilled about that, since she constantly talks crap about Gaga biting off her.

“What I would do with Gaga is stream it all down and get rid of all the crap and make her a real person,” he boldly said. “It’s cool on some level, but when you start out massively way over the top, there is nowhere to go. You get stuck there and you disconnect from the audience. You become this freak on the stage.”

What he is ignoring, though, is Gaga’s embrace of fame as art, and being on a whole other level with fame is what makes her the biggest pop star of her time.

However, Ciccone also pointed out that Madonna’s style has endured for a critical reason – her fans could copy her looks easily by shopping at the mall. It’s not like little monsters can head over to Hot Topic to grab a meat dress or 10-inch stripper platforms.

“You have to remember what really made Madonna really popular is that girls could dress like her,” he pointed out. “You can’t dress like Gaga, only on Halloween perhaps. It’s a really big part of being a performer, getting your fans to follow you. You have to evolve. At one point with Madonna, it was time for the tights to go.”

Gaga isn’t the only person whose style he assessed. He has his eye on Kelly Clarkson, simply because he thinks she has no style.

“I would love to overhaul Kelly Clarkson,” he said. “I would certainly give her a style. She needs something. The girl’s got an amazing voice; it’s just the girl comes onstage dowdy and there is no particular look to her. She could do so much better.”



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Carly Rae Jepsen would ‘grovel’ if she met Madonna.

Carly Rae Jepsen

The 27-year-old shot to fame with smash hit Call Me Maybe and is currently signed to Scooter Braun’s School Boy Records label.

Carly is close friends with teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber but hopes to widen her circle of celebrity acquaintances even further. ‘I would love to meet Robyn and geek out,’ she told British magazine Star. ‘And if I met Madonna, I would grovel and kiss her hand!’

Thanks to her youthful good looks and catchy songs, the pretty brunette has amassed an army of younger fans.

Carly thinks it’s cute when she’s approached by guys who hope to impress her by quoting her song lyrics. ‘I’ve had a few young boys asking me to call them, maybe,’ she smiled.

‘It’s adorable and sweet and makes me giggle.’




Source : MusicNews



According  Soundscan, Madonna’s album MDNA is # 1 on the albums of Dance / Electronic, 2012 in the United States, with 527,000 copies sold.


1. Madonna, MDNA 527.000
2. Skrillex, Bangarang EP 426.000
3. LMFAO, Sorry For The Party Rocking 414.000
4. Skrillex, Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites 288.000
5. David Guetta, Nothing But The Beat 264.000

Source : SoundScan Top Dance / Electronic Albums 2012


Even though I was dressed in a toga, the amount of energy given to the sport of Slacklining through the 30 seconds of the half time show was insane. The world of Slacklining was waiting for its chance to show its face, and i will be thankful and appreciate the chance Madonna gave me forever. 5 years ago i never thought i’d be writing: I love you Madonna. She invited me to her show, showed me how you pull it off, and told me to live my dreams. Together with a group of friends, we all got to be a part of the Half Time Show. The single largest viewed show in the history of television, and I got to slackline front stage center and get kissed by Madonna.

The idea of the world tour was always in the background. Would I be the person who could do it? Could I have the stamina? Could I make the time? Over months I had to mull it over. A chance at the big time. A chance of maybe making music. Playing guitar LIVE with Madonna. Creating a Slackline piece and choreographing. Highlining, fire, swinging from ropes. I honestly could have probably convinced Madonna to let me do some crazy shit. Learning to dance, and being a professional dancer. I mean i had so many opportunities that would arise from the tour it would be ridiculous. BUt, I would have to travel for a year, be away from home, my girlfriend, my friends, fresh air, open space, my projects, silence, my jumps, my bed… and for the year of the tour, it would all be sacrificed, for hotels, planes, buses, massive crowds, culture, fame, waiting, working, travel, contacts and a large some of money each and every week.

Because i was to sacrifice the freedom i would have for an entire year… I would need it to be “worth it.” The next day i woke up and was pitched the offer, a retarded amount of money with a list of benefits a few arms long, and VIP status everywhere… a few days later i flew back to moab to live the slacklife.

Thank you for everything M. I’m sorry I couldn’t be on your tour.

I hope you enjoy the video of the best year of my life ever~