Around 11:00 P.M. the “Queen of Pop” hits the stage with her first song “Girl Gone Wild” the audience saw her idol for the first time live.

With a “Goodnight Colombia, let Colombia, Medellin we” Madonna greets all the audience.

At one point in the night er son Rocco goes to dance two songs with her. Finishing concert she greets all her fans, saying that was very pleased to see all the fans of Medellín. It also welcomes the public to come from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Argentina.


The concert ended at 1:00 A.M. Finally there was very good logistic organization outside the concert and she had a very good performance.

After a night in which predominated the versatility of Madonna, with which her audience was delighted, these are some of the reactions:

Medellin lived a musical celebration like no other. Madonna gave herself completely to her followers and they responded with shouts, singing songs and dancing excited to finish.

After her performances in the city, the reactions in social networks agree describe this “mega” as unforgettable.

For Sebastian Saavedra, the most impressive was the theater and dance show that combined the singer with her songs. He noted that during the concert, confirmed that Madonna is “‘Queen of Pop’ and never get off the throne.”

Those attending the first concert were euphoric throughout the show. her biggest fans were quick to express with shouts, to Madonna, this was the best gift she could give them.

José María Birao, Ecuadorian based in the city, at 41 said the Wednesday night fulfilled a dream he’d had since his twelve years: meet Madonna. “After nine world tours his tour stops in these lands, it certainly beat us the gift of Christmas. I get a memory of this night, “he said.

Madonna since she appeared on stage and showed her acclaimed feature known as “female chameleon”. Mario Saldarriaga, professor of anthropology at the University San Martin, said that “in Medellin we witnessed a scene which will not be repeated in the country, as the theatrical display, acrobatic dancing and having Madonna is unmatched in the world” .

As for the view which of the four events that make up the show’s “MDNA Tour” was the favorite of the audience, the comments suggest that each was excellent. “It’s impossible to pick just one. They are all different and have a specific message.

Each had an approach that she gave the stamp of originality as only she can do, “said Anibal Velez, who also noted that” Madonna gave a double show, “as her musical display when doing sound checks, made seven in the evening, warmed the tone for what would be her first meeting with her Colombians followers .


Source : ElMundo


With a “What about Colombia! Are you ready?” The ‘Queen of Pop’ started her historic concert.

Shortly before 11 pm Wednesday, the ringing of bells announced the arrival of the ‘Queen of Pop’. The Gregorian chants preceded amid thunder.

Behind the cross with her initials and kneeling and praying Madonna went to heaven to begin in Medellin an unprecedented concert in the country.

Choreography and visual effects never seen before in Colombia, a show divided into four acts that began in the Transgression and Redemption came up, along with a staging prop gun that was meant to be a complaint against these explicitly made ​​part concert .

“Colombia, are you ready?” Was shouted from the queen of pop.

‘Girl Gone Wild’, which was mixed with fragments of ‘Material Girl’ and ‘Give It 2 Me’, were the beginning of the hysteria of the 47,000 spectators who enjoyed this presentation at the Atanasio Girardot stadium: “I ‘m very happy, it is very gratifying to finally come and be in Medellin Colombia with all my fans, “she said.

After saving her arrival, She began one of the most violent pieces of the presentation: Revolver, with the special participation of rapper Lil Wayne, who appeared armed and stole from a video-priest, and ‘Gang bang’ made ​​Madonna show her strongest side, which mixed with sensual movements inside a hotel room.

The concert continued with the classic ‘Papa Do not Preach’ and later, ‘Hung Up’, to conclude in the first fragment with ‘I Don’t Give A’ and ‘Best Friend’. Also performed songs like ‘Vogue’, ‘Nobody Knows Me’ and ‘Like a Virgin’.

The moment of cheerleader
Dressed cheerleader with a baton and a more festive, Madonna began the second part of the concert. The marching band at the Atanasio rumbled for ‘Express Yourself’.

After a brief video tour of some of her most iconic themes of almost 30 years in the music world, Madonna took the guitar and played ‘Turning Up The Radio “and” Turn up the radio’.

At another point, the diva had everyone shouting “asshole” as she announced the end of the war.

Shortly after the ‘Queen of Pop “began one of the most sensual and erotic aspects of the concert. However, since the face of public satisfaction with what she had seen was more than evident.

After the concert, thousands of fans came out to enjoy additional events Ocesa, concert organizer, prepared in different parts of the city. “I’m very, very happy and you are amazing. Thanks”. Queen took leave of the queen when the clock struck one o’clock.
No surprises for today’s concert
With minimal changes to the songs and the show that Madonna filed yesterday in Medellin, will be held on Thursday the second concert of diva in

Several of his followers, from different parts of the country and Latin America, bought tickets for both dates.


Source : ElTiempo


Colombian media on Thursday hailed pop diva Madonna’s first ever show in the South American country as “historic” and “unprecedented.”

The two-hour concert that was attended by approximately 47,000 fans made headlines on virtually all Colombian news websites.

According to El Tiempo, Colombia’s leading newspaper, the show was “unprecedented.”

Medellin newspaper El Colombiano dedicated a whole section to the pop star’s double concert in the country’s second largest city and dubbed the gig “an unforgettable spectacle.”

Medellin’s second largest newspaper El Mundo said the two-hour concert “fulfilled all expectations.”

Local authorities decreed a series of special measures to avoid a shut-down of the city’s traffic; anti-traffic jam limitations were temporarily lifted and free buses were made available to promote the use of public transport.

Airlines increased the number of flights to Medellin to meet the demand of fans who were trying to get to the city from all over the country.

Madonna will hold her second concert in Medellin on Thursday evening after which she wil travel to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro where she is due to perform on Sunday.


Source : ColombiaReports


Madonna’s conical-bra corset sold for $52,000 at a London auction today.

The Jean Paul Gaultier-designed stage costume was sold moments after a whip used by Harrison Ford, though auctioneer Christie’s International made no connection between the two in a “Pop Culture” auction at its South Kensington salesroom.

Madonna wore Gaultier’s green-and-white corset for the 1990 “Blond Ambition” tour while performing three songs, including “Now I’m Following You.” Its formal estimate was 10,000 pounds ($15,930) to 15,000 pounds at hammer prices and it made 32,450 pounds with fees. It was bought by a bidder in the room, acting for an undisclosed London collector.
Supplies of pop and movie memorabilia have declined in recent years as studios have become aware of their commercial potential, boosting the rarity value of items that do make their way onto the market, said dealers.
A black Lycra two-piece labeled “Trashy” that Madonna wore to perform “Vogue” had an upper estimate of 12,000 pounds and fetched 16,250 pounds.