A truck overturned on the E 6, at Torrekullemotet, just south of Gothenburg, at around 7:00 this morning. Traffic was blocked in both directions.

As a result there are long queues in the morning traffic. Three additional cars were involved in the accident. Two people have been taken to hospital. The driving lanes in the northbound direction could reopen at around 7:30. Traffic in the southbound direction is redirected via Ikea.

According to the police, the truck was loaded with sound equipment for Madonna’s concert at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg on July 4.

Source : goteborgdaily


Around 7am on Tuesday, a truck tipped over on the E6 motorway south of Gothenburg between the Kållered and Torrekulla interchanges.

The accident left lanes blocked in both directions, causing major delays in rush hour traffic south of Gothenburg.

According to police, the truck that tipped over is carrying the sound system for Madonna’s July 4th concert at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg.

One person was taken to hospital following the accident.

By 7.30am, emergency crews were able to reopen one of the lanes on the E6.

It remains unclear what caused the truck carrying Madonna’s sound system to suddenly tip over across the median, or what effect it might have on Wednesday night’s concert.

“It’s too early to say anything about it,” Kristofer Åkesson, a spokesperson for concert arranger Live Nation, told the TT news agency around 8.30am on Tuesday morning.

The concert, part of the “Madonna World Tour 2012″, will be the pop-icon’s first concert in Sweden since 2009.

Her latest studio album, “MDNA” was released on March 26th.

Åkesson refused, however, to divulge how many tickets had been sold for Madonna’s Gothenburg performance.

“We never do that before a concert,” he told TT.

Source : TT/The Local/dl

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