It feels so great to be accepted by the pop world. We always wanted to be compared to people like Madonna
30th March 2012 By Kim Dawson with James Cabooter
LMFAO have made Madonna an honorary band member after landing a support slot on her upcoming tour.

The party rockers will open for the pop queen, 53, at her massive London Hyde Park gig on July 17.

And the duo, who performed with Madonna at America’s Super Bowl show, are stoked.

SkyBlu, 25, told me: “Madonna’s the female LMFAO.

“It feels so great to be accepted by the pop world. We always wanted to be compared to people like Madonna.

“She entertained the world whether it was a movie, her live shows or her records.

“That is what LMFAO do. We aren’t just one song, we are a lifestyle and we are about making people laugh.”

And one long movie is exactly how the Sexy And I Know It stars see their lives. RedFoo, 36, ex- plained: “To us this is all like a movie. We made the soundtrack to our lives. If you love the lifestyle, the humour and the way we dress, then you like our movie.

“It’s a continual movie so when we’re too busy to get involved with other projects we have to explain: ‘We’re like making Avatar over here.’”

Joking aside, the boys really are plotting their very own film rock opera to rival Prince’s Purple Rain.

Redfoo revealed: “For the next album we want to make a movie, our Purple Rain. We talked about it a lot and it feels right now.”

The LA dudes love to party but they’re keen to point out that doesn’t involve illegal substances.

Redfoo explained: “Some people might offer us substances.

“But I’m always like: ‘No way, man, that’s not us, we like rock ’n’ roll and partying, that’s all.’”

Redfoo said: “Last year we showed the world how to party, the shuffle, the wiggle, and the world will never be the same again. Everybody now knows how to be happy.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Source : DailyStar

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