SPEAKING OF smoking. I hardly think the overheated “news” that Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, caught puffing a cig, was the kind of publicity the Big M wanted, on the very day her “MDNA” album was officially released — to mostly excellent reviews, and No.1 on iTunes in 35 countries.

In all the years I’ve known Madonna I’ve never seen her smoke. I’ve never even been in a room with her where anybody else was smoking. Apparently, she indulged back in the day, but that must have been way back. Madonna has used smoking as a “glamorous” prop in movies and videos. Most recently, she was seen taking a drag in her “Girl Gone Wild” video. That one is so over-the-top it’s been banned from MTV, so who’d notice smoking amid the near-naked dancers writhing around? Well, enough people noticed to cause a bit of a ruckus and now Madonna is accused of setting a bad example for “Lola.”

This story was on top of Yahoo’s news page!

Madonna, like all normal parents — and she is, believe it or not — can’t control her children’s every move. Madonna doesn’t care much about what people say about her. But she worries over her children’s health.

Her video banned? Great. Her daughter smoking? No way to make that seem cool.

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