In April, Lionsgate Home Entertainment reaches into Miramax’s catalog for the release of Madonna: Truth or Dare on Blu-ray.

Filmmakers Alek Keshishian and Mark Aldo Miceli’s vérité-styled documentary takes an intimate look at the pop icon during her controversial “Blond Ambition” tour, contrasting Madonna’s wild public image with the creative drive and professional focus powering the tour’s behind-the-scenes machinations.

Lionsgate’s Blu-ray has remastered this film for 1080p, presenting it in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio with 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.

The disc also has the following bonus supplement:

Original theatrical trailer

Madonna: Truth or Dare streets on April 3rd.


Madonna is the richest singer of all time The team of the New York Daily News in conjunction with Forbes has conducted a survey of the 20 richest female singers of all time based on contracts, gains and Forbes tours.

The first is the pop icon Madonna, the only singer who exceeded billion. This is the first ten list of the richest singers of all time:

1.- Madonna, 53 – US$ 1,1 billones (30 years)

2.- Mariah Carey, 40 – US$ 750 millones (20 years)

3.- Barbra Streisand, 68 – US$ 625 millones (53 years )

4.- Celine Dion, 42 – US$ 590 millones (30 years)

5.- Britney Spears, 29 – US$ 500 millones (13 years )

6.- Cher, 64 – US$ 460 millones (47 years)

7.- Ayumi Hamasaki, 31 – US$ 400 millones (16 years)

8.- Beyoncé Knowles, 28 – US$ 390 millones (13 years)

9.- Janet Jackson, 44 – US$ 360 milliones (37 years)

10.- Tina Turner, 70 – US$ 350 millones (20 years)



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M.I.A has confirmerd that she will performing at Super Bowl next Sunday with Madonna during the interview at BBC 1 with Zane Lowe.

 “Yes, I’m going to the Super Bowl… I’m gonna be performing with Madonna and Nicki Minaj… If you’re gonna go to the Super Bowl, you might as well go with America’s biggest female icons.”

“As musicians, we’re two women and we represent two opposite sides of the world,” and “If we can come together on a piece of music or something like the Super Bowl, I feel like that’s actually a cool thing to see this year because it’s getting silly out there.” 


As tens of millions watch Madonna take the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show next Sunday, Jamie King expects to be in a production truck near the field watching the spectacle — his spectacle — unfold on video monitors.

What can he reveal about the Super Bowl halftime show?
“Oh, that’s not fair,” he said, laughing. “Well, it is Madonna, so expect the unexpected, right? In our 16 years of working together, we like to make people ‘wait’ for it.”

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DEADLINE: W.E. won best song at the Globes, but critics have been harsh. Your relationship with Madonna goes back to Truth Or Dare. What did you see in the film when you acquired it at Cannes?

WEINSTEIN: Of all the movies this year that have gotten a bad shake from the critics this is the one. And I think it’s Madonna. I think they see the personality behind the film. You have extraordinary performances in the movie. There’s nobody can say Andrea Riseborough isn’t absolutely brilliant and one of our emerging great actresses. And the rest of the cast is great. The setting, the lighting, the costumes, all of which is Madonna’s vision. And the music, the ballsiness to put The Sex Pistols into a period piece. I wanted to take the adventure with her. She did a damn good job and she’s getting a bad shake from people. The great thing about sending out the DVDs is, you get audience reaction, unfiltered and with no critics in front of the movie. People call me all the time and go, wow, I really enjoyed it. So, if it wasn’t Madonna, if it was Joe Smith this movie would be getting three stars and about the director we would be saying wow, this is a talent to watch and a movie you should see. Of course, Madonna’s line is, I don’t want to be Joe Smith.

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Warner Music’s plans are about Madonna’s back catalogue now that the artist is not signed with them anymore but she’s going to publish her long awaited new record, news is just in to MadonnaTribe that there will be a special M boxset out soon.

It should contain 11 Madonna albums in clamshell pack and it is currently scheduled for a European release on Warner on March 5th, 2012.

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