Apart from her three greatest hits, Madonna has not shown much interest in repackaging and expanding her back catalogue.
Her first three records were remastered and reissued back in 2001, but it was a rather haphazard affair, with a simple 1CD re-release with two or three remixes bolted on to the albums proper. Some bizarre decisions were made, such as not even including Into The Groove as a bonus track on Like A Virgin when many European fans knew it as part of the album (it became track six on the 1985 reissue for most of the world).
Madonna had always used controversy and shock tactics to help promote her image and her records, but in 1992/1993 Madonna took this to a new level with 3 HUGE PROJECTS


She released (through Warner Books) a luxuriously packaged coffee table book called… Sex.
The idea was that the book would be released at the same time as Madonna’s new album, Erotica.

The book itself was massively successful, selling out the 1.5m print run in a matter of days, but such was the publicity and ‘outrage’ around the book and Madonna’s antics at this time, that the album got somewhat overshadowed.

Anyway, once you put aside the toe-sucking picture discs (Erotica 12inch withdrawn from the UK market) and pictures of Madonna in the ‘naughty, naked, nude’ you might actually get around to playing the Erotica album, which is really rather good.

Not unlike a one-night-stand, the promise and excitement of the build-up didn’t really deliver, and you woke up in the morning, wishing you were somewhere else.

Anyway, once you put aside the toe-sucking picture discs (Erotica 12inch withdrawn from the UK market) and pictures of Madonna in the ‘naughty, naked, nude’ you might actually get around to playing the Erotica album, which is really rather good.

The album is ripe for re-evaluation in it’s 20th anniversary year, and given the multi-media nature of the output back in 1992, there is only one format that would bring everything together nicely – the Super Deluxe Edition.

Many Super Deluxe Editions have quality books at the heart of their offering (The Who: Quadrophenia, Paul McCartney & Wings: Band on the Run, to name but two) so it would make sense for an Erotica Super Deluxe Edition to include a reprinted version of the Sex book as per the original specification.

Most of the six singles from the album had many remixes (Erotica alone had at least 14 different versions) so it would be absurd to attempt to cram the best of these onto one or two CDs. So in a bold move, the approach for this Super Deluxe Edition would be to allocate a CD for each single that would contain all the remixes/edits of the song, and any non-album tracks (e.g. Up Down Suite from Rain).

A further CD would cover “The Rain Tapes” a collection of demos that are known to exist, some of which were leaked in 2007.

A DVD/Blu-ray would gather together all the videos and Erotica-related super 8 footage. Furthermore The Girlie Show on DVD/Blu-ray would be included with this box set.

So the Erotica Super Deluxe Edition would be a stunning ten-disc set. Excessive? Maybe, but the recent U2 Achtung Baby Super Deluxe Edition was 10 discs with a book, and that retailed at around £75.

The Sex book may be one controversial chapter, in a career full of controversy, that Madonna wishes to keep firmly shut. However, we think if this super deluxe edition was a limited numbered box set and released in October 2012, there would be massive demand from collectors and Madonna fans alike.

This is our wish for madonna’s 2012 re-release. Dreaming does not cost anything, right?



NEW YORK CITY – Confirming a not-so-well-kept secret, the NFL and NBC announced today that President Barack Obama will indeed collaborate with the Material Woman in a song and dance rendition of Mr. Bojangles during the half-time show of Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis.

There are only two sources that report the news. In our opinion it’s unlikely, but if true, would be a lot of fun with a  performance out of the ordinary. We’ll see…the true

more info about this rumour here


The title for the new album will be… “LUV”!

Above is the official track listing which features fourteen songs including the single “Gimme All Your Luvin” featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

The image is part of a global online social networking campaign that will be engaging all you Madonna fans out there to unlock certain goals to release information about the new album (album cover art, first single, etc.).

Recording has finished and the album is in the mixing stage of production.

The whole Madonna brand and website will undergo a total overhaul to usher in the new “LUV” era!

The new branding will begin after Madonna’s Superbowl performance.

source: allieiswired


Brahim Zaibat makes advertising champion their next stay in Switzerland, says: “We are in mid-June for a concert at the Letzigrund in Zurich.” On 17 June, to be exact.

Its structure, as well as being able to accommodate 30,000 spectators (sitting in the stands), is considered futuristic given the limited environmental impact. The ceiling of the stands is made of wood and the roof has the largest installation of solar panels in Switzerland.


Monte Pittman ends 2011 the same way he started it: rocking out and ready for Madonna too !

Monte Pittman rocked the Whisky A Go Go last night in Los Angeles and is ending 2011 with the same rock vibe that he generously offered throughout the whole year! Monte played with his Fender Telecaster and also debuted the 2nd model off his Jarrell Signature line – the MPS.f which has a floyd rose tremolo! The setlist was songs from both of his solo albums and covers of Metallica and Van Halen!! Max Whipple played bass and Kane Ritchotte was on drums.

He will be performing with Madonna during the Super Bowl XLVI half-time show.




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It is known that her companion Brad Pitt made his directorial debut with a drama against the backdrop of the Balkan war, “the land of honey and Blood,” which the european release is scheduled on the screens from the next February and she would see a very dim view of competition from Madonna. It also tries to achieve. It was released on December 9 “WE” a feature film starring Abbie Cornish, Oscar Isaac, and Richard Coyle, which deals with the romance between the Duke of Windsor became King Edward VIII and American Wallis Simpson. Both films were released at the same time on American screens. An unwelcome competition for Angelina Jolie, which “told relatives that Madonna had no talent. “A simple distraction nothing more,” she said as would a supposed source close to the actress, adding that it would refuse to see his work compared to that of her rival at the time.


Madonna used modern technology to audition stars for hermovie W.E. – she signed actress Abbie Cornish up for the film after a Skype chat.

Madonna wanted to speak with the Aussie before she offered her a role in the project, which she wrote and directed – but the pop star was in New York and Cornish was Down Under.

The actress recalls, “We had a Skype meeting from my mum’s office. It was an interesting moment in my life… Three hours later, I got a phone call that I got the gig.”

Cornish tells Usa Today she thinks her cool, calm demeanour helped her land the role – and it helped that she had 24 hours to get her nerves out of the way.

She explains, “I was 24 hours early to my meeting because Australia is a day ahead. The meeting was Wednesday at 1pm. I was there Wednesday at 1pm. It took a little while until I realised that I was a day early. I got a lot of the nerves out of the way.”


Yesterday at the valley station of the chairlift Wasserngrat above Gstaad BE. An illustrious quartet gondelt from 1940 meters altitude approach: Superstar Madonna (53) holds hands with a black ski mask-corner with her friend, the French dancer and choreographer Brahim Zaibat (24). In cozy, heavy coats packed addition to the two: the Italian fashion guru Valentino (79) and his partner Giancarlo Giammetti.

After a sunny day of skiing in the exclusive Eagle Ski Club Madonna has not yet had enough of the slopes. With its Gstaad ski Ernest Marmet exercises the pop icon a few times on the Wispile-slope. And is praised for her second day on skis. “I’ve rarely seen anyone make progress as fast as them,” says Marmet, years since Valentino’s ski boss.

Madonna enjoys her New Year’s holiday to the fullest. In the Bernese Oberland, they can relax, the megastar may just be human. She and her boyfriend 29 years younger cast amorous glances over and over again. Her son Rocco (11) from his marriage to director Guy Richie (43) is attending. “It’s incredibly beautiful here,” Madonna shines. They and their followers are guests of Valentino, who spends his winter holidays here for decades.

Eventually, the topfitte Madonna is tired. Brahim you bring them to your chalet in the BMW of the host. However, as he tells VIEW, not without hot news for all Madonna fans: “We are in mid-June for a concert at the Letzigrund in Zurich.”


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